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1. 2009
By Pastor Chris Martin     Dec 28, 2008
Ps 133
Ps 133
2. Worship the Lord
By Pastor Pat Rusch     Nov 23, 2008

Worship the Lord.
3. As a vessel, Purify yourself
By Pastor Chris Martin     Nov 16, 2008
2 Tim 2:20-21
If you want to be used of God, Live a clean life.
4. As a teacher , study
By Pastor Chris Martin     Nov 09, 2008
2 Tim 2:15

What a workman should do to finish well.

  1. Preparing himself by understdanding the subject he will teach
  2. Learn to communicate what he has learnt.
5. Remember Jesus
By Pastor Chris Martin     Nov 02, 2008
2 Tim 2:8

Remember Jesus.

6. As a farmer eat the fruit
By Pastor Chris Martin     Oct 26, 2008

As a Farmer , what does it mean to finish well ?
What a Farmer needs to do in order to finish well?